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New Construction Equipment

Not all construction projects require all equipment. If you need to rent construction equipment, take a look at our range and place your order.

Delivering Construction Equipment on Rent in Terrace

When you are in need of construction equipment for rent in Terrace, you are looking for well-maintained machinery. In addition to rental, we offer delivery, assembly, dismantling and collection services to suit your needs. From scaffolding to temporary fencing and portable toilets, we offer it all. For further information, feel free to get in touch with West Point Rentals Ltd today.

Our Construction Equipment

Air movers

Auger, power

Compressor 16 CFM gas

Compressor 185 CFM

Compressor 10 CFM electric

Concrete mixers

Concrete vibrators

Containers - 8' and 20 feet



Drill - concrete core drill

Drill - magnetic base

Drill 1/2" right angle

Drywall lift 8 - 16 foot

Fans ventilators

Floats, bull

Fans 12" - 48"

Floor screw gun

Generators 2 KW - 35 KW

Grinders 7"

Hand wash station

Harness, safety

Heaters - electric, propane and diesel

Insulated tarps

Jackhammers - Bosch

Jacks, 20-tonne bottle

Jumping jacks

Levels, builders

Levels, laser

Light, towers

Lino roller

Light, cart

Measuring wheel

Metal detector

Nailer, roof

Nailers - framing and finishing

Office trailer - 8' X 24'

Paint sprayer, airless

Pipe lasers

Plate compactors, 200lb - 1300lb

Portable toilets

Power brooms

Pressure washers 2500 - 3500 PSI

Pumps, gas 1 1/2" to 4"

Sander, floor drum

Sander, floor orbital

Pumps, submersible 2" - 3"

Saw, brick

Saw, cut-off

Saw, reciprocating

Saw, road

Sprayer, texture

Suction tank

Sweeper, magnetic

Temporary fencing

Tiger torch

Tile cutters

Trowel, power

Welders, gas and electric

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