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Lawn and Garden Equipment

All our lawn and garden equipment is easy to operate. Should you have any questions or need assistance, we are happy to help you proceed with your job.

Lawn and Garden Equipment for Rent in Terrace

Keep your outdoors looking great all year round with lawn and garden equipment rentals in Terrace from West Point Rentals Ltd. You can rest assured of well-maintained and thoroughly checked equipment when you choose us. All our equipment is clean and sharp so that you can achieve the expected results while using it. Our options include:

Ground Hog
lawn mower
lawn equipment

Articulating hedge trimmers

Backpack blowers

Excavator JD17

Excavator JD35

Chainsaws 24” bars

Fertilizer Spreaders

Hedge trimmers

Lawn rollers

Lawn thatchers

Leaf blowers

Post pounders

Power brooms

Pruners (stithl power)

Rototillers – large and small

String trimmers

Weed eaters



equipment from West Point Rentals Ltd

Summer, fall or winter - lawn & garden equipment for all seasons

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